Who We Are

Our Mission

Word of Grace’s mission is to unapologetically teach truth, connect people to Christ centered community and equip people to live in light of eternity. We are always growing in loving God, loving people and serving the world. 

Our Core Values

We value God’s love for us, and we value His love for people. Because honoring God’s love and God’s heart are our top priorities, the following values are the common threads in all that we do:

1.    Jesus is the center.
      - it’s about: First Priority. 
2.   We are called to make an eternal impact.
      - it’s about: Eternal Perspective
3.   We are conduits, not containers.
      - it’s about: Sharing What You’ve Got
4.   We believe discipleship happens best in the context of relationships.
      - it’s about: Growing Together
5.   We strive to make people know and feel valued. 
      - it’s about: Preferring One Another

6.   We are always willing to give up what we believe for the truth.
      - it’s about: Being Humble and Teachable
7.   We give up things we love for things we love even more. 
      - it’s about: Embracing Intentional Change
8.   We creatively do things no one is doing to reach people no one is reaching. 
      - it’s about: Using Your Gifts
9.   We will lead the way with irrational generosity.
      - it’s about: Heart Orientation
10.  We think big and start small.
      - it’s about: Active Faith
11.   We will honor Christ and His Church with integrity.
      - it’s about: Character
12.  The Church is not somewhere we go, it is who we are.
      - it’s about: Living Purpose Daily

What We Believe

It is our desire to create disciple making communities. We do this through reaching people, teaching them to love and serve Jesus, and sending them to reach, teach, and send others. 

Our Beliefs

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