TeamWOG is the way we serve at Word of Grace. We have dedicated Mission: To unify team members as they make an impact for God’s kingdom at Word of Grace. We do this by serving together, growing together, and enjoying fellowship with one another. 

We accomplish this mission by achieving these three goals: 

1.      Consistency: We serve with faithfulness and integrity because what we do impacts eternity.
2.      Communication: We want to be clear and to grow in unity.
3.      Care: We desire to bring value to people individually.


1.      How do I join TeamWOG?
Everyone who wants to become a team member must fill out an application. It is available on the TeamWOG website under the “Join” tab.
2.      I want to change teams/areas of service…how do I do that?
You can simply contact the TeamWOG Director by emailing   or by talking to your team leader. 
3.      How do I become a Level 2 or Level 3 team member?
Please fill out the L2 or L3 application under the “Join” tab of the website. To find out more details about the training needed for Level 2 and Level 3 team members, go to the “More Information” page of the TeamWOG website.

Join TeamWOG today!


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