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Level 1 Team Member

This is a team member committed to serving consistently in any area at Word of Grace

Level 2 Team Member

This is a team member who is ready to teach, take on more responsibility, and/or make decisions within the team; also understands TeamWOG values and policies
Training Needed:
o   Serve for 3+ months as a Level 1 in any area
o   Fill out online L2 application (go to “Join” page)
o   Conversation and training by team leader as needed

Level 3 Apprenticeship Program

This is for a team member who is ready to be in charge of a team, head a department, or become a staff member
Training Needed: 
o   Take the Clifton Strength Finders and get Top 5 Strengths
o   Take assessment
o   Interview with Director, PK, or PD 
o   8 weekends shadowing/mentoring with a Level 3 leader
o   Follow up meeting with Director

Information regarding Lanyards

 Lanyards—designate team members serving on a Sunday (members serving in community or outreach groups will not have a lanyard but are still part of TeamWOG!)

o   Name badge will be blue for minors and green for adults.
o   Levels 1-3 will be shown by dots under a person’s name.
o   Quick Access information is located on the back of your name badge.
o   Lanyards are to be worn when serving, but members are welcome to wear them if willing to be available for questions or help even if not serving that Sunday. (Note: If a member would like to help in an area they see a need, they must check with the team leader or team member leading that week. Please do not just put on your name tag and fill in, ask first.)
o   Please do not embellish your lanyard or name badge with markers, stickers, pins, etc.
o   Lanyards will be kept at church at the TeamWOG Hub. They will be alphabetized by first name. Please pick up your lanyard when you arrive at church and return it before you leave.
More Questions? Contact the TeamWOG Director by emailing 

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