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No Big Deal

Posted by Pastor Stephen Maris on

There is no shortage of headlines in the news today telling of someone who committed an atrocity that leaves us scratching our heads and thinking, “How could someone come to a point where they’re willing to do something like that?”   Is everyone a product of their family...


Posted by Pastor Pete Cocos on

Hallelujah.My apologies for diving straight into the deep end on my first post.  My wife and I recently experienced heartbreak in the form of miscarriage.  We have dealt with infertility for nearly half a decade now and it has handed us heartbreak after heartbreak.  This time we...

Intentional Change

Posted by Pastor Derik Armstrong on

I thought for our first Word of Grace blog post this topic would be appropriate. We cannot avoid change in our lifetime. Think about everything that is natural; nothing stays the same. Everything evolves, corrodes, or gets better but nothing…and I mean nothing truly stays the same. The...

What Message Are You Listening To?

Posted by Cassi Nix on

This might seem like an odd question, but take a deep breath, smile, and dive deeper here with me. What are you telling yourself on a daily basis? Are you speaking (or thinking) negative or positive words? Are you an encourager or do you pull others, including yourself, down? ALL your thoughts...

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